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Blueprint To Leverage Thought Provocation For Professional Growth

If you have worked for or around me over the past several years you’ve undoubtedly heard numerous quotes expressed within a professional context. Some poignant, others probably not so much. I am drawn to thought provoking phrases to the degree that for years I have kept a running list of favorite excerpts that have resonated with me by way of […]

Career Ownership, A Life Journey, And Professional Success

Note: This is an article I recently wrote for a local government organization, I wanted to share it here as well. I was posed a question to compare and contrast private industry versus local government employment. For that reason I briefly touched on my time in the Air Force to get straight to my first private position. Please note my […]

Professional Independence: The Right Navigation For Success

As I am enjoying an extended weekend for the 4th of July and taking advantage of a perfect opportunity to take a break from the Texas summer heat and ruminate inside converting thoughts to words, my mind has been drifting to professional independence and what it means on a personal level. I am fortunate to have been born in this […]