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My employer and the teams I work with are no strangers to receiving awards and recognition! It has been one of the greatest privileges of my career to help bring such positivity to my rural Texas city for the great work they do. We’ve built a culture here that expects success, and it is awesome! I love this part of the job. I want this community recognized as the amazing place it is. Make no mistake, Seguin, TX is my home and you best believe I’m proud of everything we accomplish collectively.

My organization has received numerous state and national awards for various technology initiatives since 2019. Truthfully, it has gotten to the point I have a hard time remembering them all. The past few years have been an unbelievable experience, and I am so proud of the work being done right here in small town Texas. It’s not just external awards and recognition either. For instance, since 2019 my department of Country IT All Stars have been awarded “Employee of the Month” ten times! That speaks to their level of sustained excellence, and I love it! Talk about gettin’ after it, that’s exactly what they do each and everyday and I will always be their biggest fan. In addition to all the positivity I like to think we’re pretty dang good at mixing in some fun at the same time.

I like to tell folks don’t sleep on Seguin, TX because we punch above our weight class when it comes to making tech magic happen for our community. It’s Texas swagger at its best, and we’re just getting started!

The Country Executive awards - 2022 Localsmart award
The Country Executive awards - 2023 top 30 IT influencer

Awards & Recognition

TAGITM Excellence award (cybersecurity) – 2024

IDC Government Insights Smart Cities North America award (finalist) – 2024

StateTech Magazine’s 30 State and Local IT influencers list – 2023

Central Texas CIO of the year Orbie award (finalist) – 2023

TAGITM Excellence award (GIS) – 2023

TAGITM Rising Star award (staff) – 2023

CIO100 award (GIS) – 2023

LocalSmart IT Leader of the Year – 2022

CSO50 award (cybersecurity) – 2022

CompTIA Public Technology Institute award (cybersecurity) – 2022

CompTIA Public Technology Institute award (GIS) – 2022

ELGL Top 100 Local Government Influencer – 2021

GMIS Government to Citizen (G2C) award – 2021

TAGITM Excellence award (radio infrastructure) – 2021

TAGITM President’s award – 2021

LocalSmart IT Innovation of the Year award (radio infrastructure) – 2020

Best of Texas award (network enterprise) – 2020

Tyler Excellence award (ERP) – 2020

Public Sector CIO Academy Outstanding Manager (staff) – 2019

Public Sector CIO Academy Rising Star (staff) – 2019

TAGITM Excellence award (public safety CAD) – 2019

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