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About – Shane McDaniel

A little about me. First and foremost my name is Shane McDaniel and I’m originally from a small town in East Texas. A series of decisions made as a young professional unknowingly altered the course of my life in ways I never could have of imagined growing up. Through the seemingly slow and steady progression of my nearly thirty year career in technology I have had the privilege to live, work and enjoy many great places around the country and the world.

While I never stopped being that guy from small town Texas, I did learn how to achieve success in a world foreign to me as a young man and long thought unattainable growing up as I did. I want to share those lessons learned and help others that feel success may not be achievable. Helping others realize the best versions of themselves is what I am all about. I am living proof if you believe in yourself, apply your abilities, embrace change and are willing to be all in success is waiting for you.

About Shane McDaniel

The Country Executive

If this sounds interesting and you’d like to learn more check out my first post here. It’s a great place to start for a little on my backstory. What all it took to work myself out of the cycle of poverty. I very much did have to work my way out, which ties back to the underlying premise of this blog. Anything is attainable if you invest in the change necessary.

For me that meant getting out and experiencing what the world had to offer. In conjunction I also spent twelve years working on degrees and certifications while working full time and supporting a household. It definitively was not easy, but through persistence and perseverance I did achieve what I set out to do.

I am quick to tell people I am not special. Anyone can accomplish what I have. Sometimes it only takes crossing paths with that right something to bring it all together. I want this site to be the right something for people out there. I assure you achieving your dreams is possible if you’re willing to work for it! It is my hope that learning through some of my own experiences will help you achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself. Good luck!