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Education – Was The Time And Money Invested Worth It?

I made a note a while back to conduct a practical analysis of my own higher education in an effort to help others determine if the juice was worth the squeeze so to speak in their own lives. Higher education, more so the cost associated with obtaining said education, is a hot topic issue these days. I shake my head when I learn of the […]

Daring Life Benefits Gained From Being Receptive To The World

I consider myself a bit of a renaissance man having grown up in a world I would term to be a closed environment. We knew what we knew and that was that. We didn’t take vacations. Traveling the country or visiting Disneyland sounded like crazy talk. That just wasn’t in the cards. Fancy types did that, not us. There was […]

Country IT: A New Mindset For Definitive Technology Success

Here’s something not everyone can lay claim too. I conceived a phrase, a way of being in a professional context. Yet another oddity in my professional existence. I am particularly proud of my creation as I believe it defines me and who I am as a professional incredibly well in just two simple words. That phrase is Country IT. That’s it. […]