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The Truth Behind And My Ultimate Revelation To Success

The Truth Behind And My Ultimate Revelation To Success

As I sit here waiting for the greatest winter storm to hit Texas in thirty-five years to pass, I’ve had plenty of time to detach from life’s standard obligations and think about some things. We breezed right through Valentine’s and President’s Day dealing with the wrath of the storm. That said, I didn’t want the criticality of the situation to dismiss what was on my mind for this post. With respect to Valentine’s Day, I felt the time had come to pay homage to the truth behind, and my ultimate revelation to success. I’ll tell you that little secret up front. It was Mrs. Country Exec.

Before I get started, a bit on the big Texas winter storm of 2021. Save for the most critical of services, my city has shut down. There are reports of four million plus Texans without power. My home has had intermittent power for days now. We were without water for a couple of days. We are good though. Happy and healthy. It’s been fun playing with our dogs in the snow. They love it! For all those folks suffering through this, hang in there. We’ll power through this like we always do.

Snow in South Texas
Snowy South Texas 2021

How Two Became One

Mrs. Country Exec and I met in April 2007. Our first date was at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. I love space in general, and I had the great privilege to be supporting aerospace technology at that time. The Griffith Observatory is idyllic in its beauty. Nestled in the hills of Los Angeles, the view is unbelievable. It is a perfect location for a first date.

Ever since we came together that day in 2007, we have been like two peas in a pod. We dated for a little over four years before marrying. Even our wedding was typical for us. We were married in Maui, supposedly on the beach in front of Cher’s house. I say supposedly because I’ve never known if it was true or not. Doesn’t matter. That’s what we were told and it’s a fun thing to tell folks.

The real truth behind my success

The Country Exec Nuptials

In true Country Exec style, our wedding was about as simple as a wedding can be. Our ceremony comprised of the “marriage officiator,” a term I use lightly per the individual, and the photographer who served double duty as our witness.

Mrs. Country Exec wanted to do the ceremony in the morning. The photographer had told her that the backdrop was more scenic at that time. Hindsight being 20/20, I’d say she was right about that. It was a beautiful morning no doubt. The ceremony couldn’t have possibly been any more ideal for the people we are. It was the Country Exec family in perfect form.

One of the things I remember most about the day was that “marriage officiator.” He seemed like the kind of guy I could hang out with. I recall specifically him blowing into a conch shell at the end of the ceremony to make our nuptials official. I couldn’t stop laughing, it seemed so ridiculous to me.

Mrs. Country Exec and I still joke about it from time to time. To this day I’ll ask people if the preacher blew into a conch shell at their wedding. The answer is always no. I in turn regretfully have to inform them that their marriage is in no way official. In all seriousness ours was a great day though, one I’ll never forget.

Country Exec union became official
So that happened…

The Truth Behind My Success

2021 marks the tenth year of our union. Even before we were ever married Mrs. Country Exec was an extremely positive influence on me. Sometimes in a backwards way.

She comes from an incredible family. She was formally educated and well-traveled. I believe it was her coming into my life that brought some form of motivation I needed. A sense of normalcy. Family. Maybe it was the right person, at the right place and at the right time. We’ll never know.

Yes, she did famously state that she never thought she’d date an uneducated man early on in our relationship. I was ten years into my career at that point and had already begun taking classes for an undergrad degree outside of work through my GI Bill when we met. She had recently completed her MBA. I was so impressed by that. We are competitive in nature. I couldn’t let her beat me! I have my own graduate degree today because of her.


Here’s what I do know. We figured out life together. She was always there, always had my back. She is the toughest hot chick I’ve ever known. Don’t get under her skin. She will fight you. Mrs. Country Exec is not from Texas originally, but you best believe she fits right in. And then some. She does own a pair of pretty slick boots. She may be the only Texas-Thai cowgirl out there. Thankfully, she loves our whole Texas way of life.

We moved. A lot. In 2012 we left LA for a promotion in the Silicon Valley. In 2014 we loaded up and moved from San Jose to Dallas for an opportunity that changed our lives. We both very much enjoyed our many years in California. Texas significantly enhanced the quality of our lives.

We lived in the moment for many years and didn’t even realize our suspect living conditions. The truth behind our success is she was always willing to roll the dice right alongside me. I’m not certain how a couple can achieve life goals if they are not on the same page.

The Country Exec household is heading home to Texas!
Loaded up and ready to head to Texas in 2014

Texas Pride

For example, we lived in East San Jose during our time working in the Silicon Valley. East San Jose has a reputation as the bad side of town. It wasn’t that bad in my personal opinion, but I’m conditioned for certain things in life. It’s all we could afford. Two well educated individuals with great jobs, no kids, and no debt. Go figure. The neighbors on each side of us were broken into in the year and a half we lived there.

I loved my time in California, but if I’m being honest, I don’t get how that is acceptable. To each their own for sure, but we wanted better. Texas gave us that opportunity, and we both realize and acknowledge that. That is part of the reason I am fiercely loyal and proud to be a native Texan. Texans are typically born into that mindset. I love it! I’ve given Mrs. Country Exec honorary Texan status. And yes, as a native I have that authority!

The Country Executive Texas
Yes sir!

Old Clichés Ring True

They say behind every great man there’s a great woman. Much like Meryll Frost said in 1946, while I may not be a great man, there’s a great woman behind me. The truth behind my success is her. She sacrificed. She was right there those twelve years I was taking classes outside of my full-time job. All the weekends, all the papers. All the studying.

She’s managed the household. Made sure the bills were paid. We’ve done I don’t know how many projects to our current home over the past three years. She is the project manager. Handymen and contractors respect my wife. As well they should. I think she’s pretty easy to get along with, but she’s on my team. Our team.

We’re wired the same way. If someone says they are going to do something or be somewhere at such and such time, you better hold yourself accountable. That seems to be lost in our current society in a general sense. Not to me, and certainly not to Mrs. Country Exec. I love her for it.

The truth behind success
Ok guy with a great woman supporting him

Hard Work Led to A Dream Life

This is also true. It took a lot of hard work to get to where we wanted to be. Sacrifice. Commitment. Accountability. All that and more. Where Mrs. Country Exec and I differ is our professional existence. She has no interest in building a career. We used to argue about that, until I finally realized her attitude towards employment opened the door for us to take risks for my career and greater opportunities. She was always game to roll the dice in pursuit of a better life.

Today she still works part time for the same small consulting firm she worked for in California. Her boss loves her. He’s a funny guy, and I believe they complement each other professionally exceptionally well. He pays her a good salary to live and work out of small town Texas. It truly is a perfect situation for us.

The Country Exec Knows….Chanel?

Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. The truth behind our success is that it was derived per our own mechanisms. We appreciate everything we have today because we experienced the flip side of it for years. If she has one vice in life its high-end purses, and she has a few of those. We haven’t carried debt in over a decade, and we put a ton towards retirement. We are both frugal by nature, but we do enjoy the fruits of our labor as well.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I know the difference between Chanel and Prada because of her. She’s not drowning in those high-end products, but she has a few. She deserves it. This speaks to our union somewhat. For some odd reason she enjoys watching “unboxing” videos on YouTube for those high-end purses. Occasionally I’ll watch one with her. Admittedly it inevitably turns into a laugh fest for one reason or another. Oddly enough she refuses to watch her favorite show “The Bachelor” around me for the same reason. Apparently I am too vocal in sharing my thoughts.

I’m proud of the choices we made as a family unit. The changes we embraced with open arms has enabled us to afford those small victories in life. We laugh together. We get on each other’s nerves. Everything accomplished has been done so as a team. For the record I also understand diamond quality thanks to Mrs. Country Exec.

The Secret

I could go on and on. We’ve created an amazing life together. Today that life is rooted in simplicity. We wanted out of the rat race. Elbow room. We love animals, today we have too many dogs. Our pets are spoiled rotten. I would not have it any other way.

Texas snow dogs!
These two could care less about the frigid temps

Mrs. Country Exec made me a better man. Her ability to manage the day-to-day aspects of our lives has in turn allowed me to flourish as a professional. We’re dang near a dynamic duo as a family unit.

So, here’s the deal. Life is much easier when two people are headed in the same direction together. You don’t always have to possess the same ideology, the same tenacity for your career. Two people can complement each other’s weaknesses. The truth behind success is that two people can chase, and attain life goals better than one.

Find the right person to complement you. Life goals can become both of your dreams, and you can achieve them together. I do believe it has to be sincere in origin, but if you find that right person the sky is the limit. Happy belated Valentine’s Day folks, from snowy South Texas no less! Until next time thank you reading, and please take care of yourself and the ones you love.

The Country Executive

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      What à great piece of writing. It’s so refreshing to see relationships that really work, and you have so much respect for your wife.

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        Thank you so much Pip, and thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I do appreciate that! I’m a lucky man when it comes to Mrs. Country Exec. We’re an interesting combo, but we’ve been fortunate to arrive at the life we both wanted as a unified front. It wasn’t always easy but it makes us appreciate everything that much more! 🙂

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