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Awesome Professional Growth Strategy That Will Guide You Through Rejection

Navigating the day to day hurdles in the average adult life can be exhausting. Throw in kids, spouses, bosses, responsibilities, a pandemic, and it can be downright brutal. If you’re striving for professional growth that can mean additional taskings on top of everyday work taking actions to help you stand out among peers. Or maybe it’s the classes you’re pursuing to earn that degree or certification in helping you arrive […]

How To Leverage Gratitude To Adopt An “I Get To” Mindset

After months of seemingly never-ending work projects interwoven with the Covid-19 pandemic, I welcomed the extended Labor Day weekend with open arms. I took some much-needed downtime with the extra day off, spent time in nature with Mrs. Country Exec, relaxed, and took my old raggedy Jeep for a spin in the beautifully scenic part of Texas I am fortunate […]