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Consistency Is King For Launching Proven Life Success

Consistency Is King For Launching Proven Life Success

Consistency is king. If I had to sum up life in three words that would be a strong choice. I can equate it to showing up every day. Bringing your “A” game in the pursued aspects of life. Knocking those classes out assignment by assignment class after class until you’ve reached your end goal. When you put forth the effort to be prepared to the best of your ability for that big meeting, presentation, or interview. Consistently pushing the narrative forward until you obtain the success in life you are searching for. Consistency is an amazing attribute to possess. I believe it applies across the spectrum of your professional and personal life.

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As odd as this may sound consistency can make you stand out among peers. As a people manager it is wildly frustrating for a staff member to not be consistent in their effort’s day in day out. Learning aside, an employee that is great at what they do in a nominal fashion is a problem for a manager. An employee that puts forth inconsistent effort can literally break a team. It may appear that person only works when they want to, or only try when they feel like it.

There’s a work center culture that must be navigated and managed on a daily basis. Good people managers value staff morale. Morale holds extreme merit and can be directly tied to productivity. Inconsistency is closely related to apathy, an attribute that I do not accept in my professional existence. These negative attributes breed contempt in the office, and can lead to bigger problems. Being consistent in who you are as an employee and what is produced can be a valuable professional asset.

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Personal Consistency

Personal consistency is closely tied to accountability. Another one of those attributes I look for in potential new hires. It’s the going to bed at a decent hour so you can get a good night’s sleep. Or waking up early to get a work out in before heading to the office. The consistency to manage the daily balancing act of life well. Paying your bills on time. Not continually accruing debt. Learning from mistakes.

I believe there is consistency that benefits your personal well-being. Being there for your family. Reading to your kids. Playing with them. Showing them what is great about life. Supporting them, believing and motivating them to be the best people they can be.

Consistently appreciating your spouse and everything they do in support of your family. Knowing what is important to your significant other and respecting what made that person special to you to begin with. It is easy to get caught up in the trappings of our lives and careers and forget what really matters. Those people that will be there for you at the end of the day is exactly what does matter in life. Consistently treat them with that respect.

Health Consistency

Health consistency is all about taking care of yourself in its many forms. Sticking to a workout schedule. Getting good workouts in. Taking care of yourself for your family. Being mindful of what is and is not working to keep your body functioning well. Making the changes necessary when needed. Managing your intake and consumption as you age.

At forty-five years old this is something I am becoming all too familiar with. I am learning I have to aware of what I put in my body to continue being healthy as I age. Not really something I worried about for most of my life, but father time is undefeated as I like to say. Old habits die hard, but the body doesn’t lie.

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Professional Consistency

I cannot help but relate professional consistency to those long-term goals in life. For me it was the twelve years I spent establishing my professional credentials beyond the job experience I was gaining on a daily basis. Twelve years of classes while getting married, relocating and changing jobs multiple times. Each new opportunity slowly advancing my way into an executive role with greater responsibilities.

It was more than that though. I showed up to my day job every day. Got my work done as I was expected to do. Consistency in pursuing my educational goals did not interfere with the consistency of being a productive employee.

I was invited into leadership several years before I finished all of my educational efforts. Opportunities were afforded not because I was taking classes, it was because I was already a good employee that happened to be trying to better himself on my personal time. I stood out among peers because I could consistently be counted on.

Future Consistency

Future consistency is what you are doing today to achieve that goal down the road. It may be a certification you are studying for. Or perhaps taking a job to gain professional experience and build your resume and or skillset. Experience is the best teacher in my mind. Perhaps staying on top of a workout schedule to lose a few pounds.

It is lunacy to think if you continue to do the same things you have always been doing that you will achieve your goals in life. Maybe you will, but you’re hoping it will work out versus actively making the investment in ensuring you will. When the investment is made you are actually pursuing that goal. Consistency in making those investments to develop yourself is a recipe for success.

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Consistency Conclusion

In conclusion, consistency can make or break many aspects of your life. Consistently being a positive thinker can make you a happy person filled with gratitude and appreciation. Consistently pursuing your dreams can provide you a zest for life and lead to a sense of fulfillment when milestones are achieved. Through the steady and measured progress of purposefully working towards goals dreams can be had.

The mindset associated with establishing a routine and sticking to it, regardless of the task associated, can lead to great success. Degrees, credentials, a healthier you, better relationships all can benefit from consistency. Becoming the best version of yourself can be obtained through consistency. As stated previously consistency is king. Until next time thank you for reading, and please take care of yourself and the ones you love.

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