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GovLoop Guest Posts Exclusive – January 2021

GovLoop Guest Posts Exclusive – January 2021

Howdy folks! I’ve been pretty busy writing quite a few guest posts here lately. Primarily these have been for GovLoop through a twelve-week featured contributor program I signed up for. I also have a second article for GovCIO Outlook Magazine coming out soon and wrote a long form guest post for another website that was posted in February. Check out The Country Exec media page if you’re interested in everything I get myself into. I’ve been keeping up with countryexec.com, and of course my primary responsibilities as a technology executive and family man. It’s been busy, but I’m beyond appreciative the interest is there for me as a content contributor. With that said, I wanted to share the GovLoop guest posts I contributed in January of this year.


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Before I get to the guest posts, here’s a bit of background information as to all of the content creation. GovLoop is website dedicated to connecting government with government through knowledge sharing and collaboration. They have a community of 300,000 readers which is amazing. At the time of this writing, I am in week eleven of twelve for the GovLoop featured contributor program. It has been a great experience! The managing editor has been great to work with, she is super nice, as has the handful of other staff I have dealt with. GovLoop even asked the ole’ country exec if I would speak as a panelist for a webinar they hosted on the technology behind driving pandemic vaccinations. I was happy to do it and will certainly be glad to do so in the future if scheduling permits.

When my stint with GovLoop ends next week, I suspect we’ll collaborate again in the future. I hope so at least! I think they like my country ways, bravado, or whatever you want to call it. Maybe not, but throwing a brash Texan in the mix is always good for business in my book! I certainly had fun engaging with them these past several weeks. Without further ado, here are the GovLoop guest posts from January 2021.

An Overview to Federal, Corporate, and Local Career Ownership

GovLoop Guest Post 1

I wrote this as my first GovLoop featured contributor article with the premise of introducing the readers to me. The goal was to share insight as to how our government careers may correlate, and how you take ownership of your career regardless of the industry you work in. I wrapped up this guest post with how I found my place working in Texas local government. I do believe it is my calling, and I enjoy it more than I could every properly express. A Texan serving Texans. It doesn’t get any better than that for me!

Technology Challenges in Rural America

GovLoop Guest Post 1

This may be my favorite GovLoop guest post. Most of the articles I wrote afterwards reference back to my second offering as a featured contributor. I am extremely proud of what we do here in Seguin, TX, and I very much believe we punch above our weight class when it comes to delivering high level technology initiatives. That’s Country IT at it’s finest, and that’s how we get down around here! If you only ready one my guest posts from GovLoop, this is the one!

Working in Tech – Federal vs Local Government

GovLoop Guest Post 1

For week three of my GovLoop featured contributor guest posts, I decided to share my experience working in federal government versus local government. They are wildly different! I spent most of the first fifteen years of my career working for the feds, always in support of technology.

In 2014 I transitioned to private industry before finding my way into local government. As I have written on countryexec.com many times, it took years to find my path. I am thankful for the journey, for the knowledge ascertained, and I believe the gratification derived from direct experience allows for a certain peace and appreciation I feel today. This guest post speaks to my experience supporting technology on both sides of the government fence.

GovLoop Guest Post Exclusive January 2021 Conclusion

So those were my first three guest posts on the GovLoop featured contributor program. If you’d like to read more of my GovLoop content click here. Considering it is something I do outside of my forty plus hour workweeks, family life, and the other things I wind up getting myself into, I am happy with what was produced. I stayed true to myself, and the theme of this very website.

I believe there is value in sharing yourself with the world, we all have something positive to offer. By sharing that glimpse of who we are to a greater audience, you never know who your message may just resonate with. As I always say, if I can help even just one person through my words, I’m calling this whole thing a success. Until next time thank you for reading, and please take care of yourself and the ones you love.

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