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How To Leverage Gratitude To Adopt An “I Get To” Mindset

After months of seemingly never-ending work projects interwoven with the Covid-19 pandemic, I welcomed the extended Labor Day weekend with open arms. I took some much-needed downtime with the extra day off, spent time in nature with Mrs. Country Exec, relaxed, and took my old raggedy Jeep for a spin in the beautifully scenic part of Texas I am fortunate […]

10 Professional Attributes That Will Elevate Your Career

Occasionally when speaking to the journey that has led me to where I am today, I am asked how my career came to be what it is. It has been a fun, wild ride. Full of adventure defined by taking chances that shaped me as an adult and embracing experiences beyond the status quo of how I was raised. This […]

Believe You Have More To Offer

Recently I’ve been watching The Last Dance on Netflix, the story about the final championship run of the Michael Jordan era Chicago Bulls in the late 90’s. It’s amazing viewing. While I was never a fan of Jordan or basketball in general, I have become a fan almost twenty years after his career ended through learning about his determination and […]

Blueprint To Leverage Thought Provocation For Professional Growth

If you have worked for or around me over the past several years you’ve undoubtedly heard numerous quotes expressed within a professional context. Some poignant, others probably not so much. I am drawn to thought provoking phrases to the degree that for years I have kept a running list of favorite excerpts that have resonated with me by way of […]

Career Ownership, A Life Journey, And Professional Success

Note: This is an article I recently wrote for a local government organization, I wanted to share it here as well. I was posed a question to compare and contrast private industry versus local government employment. For that reason I briefly touched on my time in the Air Force to get straight to my first private position. Please note my […]

Professional Independence: The Right Navigation For Success

As I am enjoying an extended weekend for the 4th of July and taking advantage of a perfect opportunity to take a break from the Texas summer heat and ruminate inside converting thoughts to words, my mind has been drifting to professional independence and what it means on a personal level. I am fortunate to have been born in this […]

Enjoying A Life Rooted In A Simplistic Existence

Like many of you the coronavirus is weighing on me. My wife and I have been fortunate to stay healthy throughout the pandemic and are grateful for that and so many other things in and around Covid-19. I feel terribly for those in the world impacted in the most severe of ways. Losing loved ones, careers and the things I […]

Developing A Professional Enterprise Mindset

For the first thirty years of my life I was a world class time waster, seemingly incapable of living beyond the moment. I’ve always had a strong will and possessed the ability to commit to whatever I set my mind to, but like many young folks my intentions were misguided resulting in years that could have been better spent investing […]

Welcome To The Country Executive Blog

Hello all, and welcome to The Country Executive blog! My name is Shane and I’ve created this blog to share with you some insights I’ve had the privilege to learn through my years and experiences. Perhaps there are similarities in our backgrounds, perhaps not, but I believe I bring a unique perspective to life gained through a fundamental openness to […]