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Find Purpose And Live A Life With Meaning

Recently Mrs. Country Exec and I were talking and I mentioned to her that my thirty-year high school reunion was around the corner. Technically it’s three years away, but the way time burns by these days it’ll be here before you know it. She’s only slightly younger than me, but she was floored by the realization so many years had […]

The Truth Behind And My Ultimate Revelation To Success

As I sit here waiting for the greatest winter storm to hit Texas in thirty-five years to pass, I’ve had plenty of time to detach from life’s standard obligations and think about some things. We breezed right through Valentine’s and President’s Day dealing with the wrath of the storm. That said, I didn’t want the criticality of the situation to […]

Minimalism, Happiness And More Simplistic Living

I crave simplicity. Dream of it. I cannot walk by a cluttered area in my personal or professional existence without wanting to do something about it. For many years I have felt I possessed a sprinkling of OCD. Not to the point where it dominates my actions, but enough to feel slight anxiety when I see something noticeably disorganized. Minimalism, […]

Daring Life Benefits Gained From Being Receptive To The World

I consider myself a bit of a renaissance man having grown up in a world I would term to be a closed environment. We knew what we knew and that was that. We didn’t take vacations. Traveling the country or visiting Disneyland sounded like crazy talk. That just wasn’t in the cards. Fancy types did that, not us. There was […]

Putting A Spotlight On The Country Exec In 2021

Last month I wrote a post reflecting on 2020 and focusing on the many positive’s life has to offer, even during these trying times. I’d like my last post for the year to dig a little bit into what’s in store for the country exec blog in 2021. The quick and easy answer is much of the same. I’ve enjoyed building and […]

Country IT: A New Mindset For Definitive Technology Success

Here’s something not everyone can lay claim too. I conceived a phrase, a way of being in a professional context. Yet another oddity in my professional existence. I am particularly proud of my creation as I believe it defines me and who I am as a professional incredibly well in just two simple words. That phrase is Country IT. That’s it. […]

2020 – Being Thankful And The Power Of The Mind

As I sit here writing in the middle of my Thanksgiving holiday break, I find myself reflecting on what a year it has been. A once in a century pandemic alongside seemingly a cavalcade of immense negativity in our faces at an incessant rate. Full disclosure I am tired of it; I had grown tired of it well before 2020 […]

Are Great Social Leaders Derived From Nature Or Nurture?

Have you ever worked for a manager that was memorable? Perhaps someone that changed your life for the better, someone that believed in and motivated you to grow professionally? If great leaders were born of nature versus nurture? Ever wonder how that individual became so influential? Someone that could infuse their thoughts and experience in a meaningful capacity directly into […]

Do You Know The Essential Value Of Downtime?

A couple of weeks back my wife and two of our four dogs took off to the beautiful Texas coast town of Port Aransas for a few days. We had a vacation planned in May to Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman that was of course canceled due to the pandemic. Prior to that planned vacation it had been a […]

Awesome Professional Growth Strategy That Will Guide You Through Rejection

Navigating the day to day hurdles in the average adult life can be exhausting. Throw in kids, spouses, bosses, responsibilities, a pandemic, and it can be downright brutal. If you’re striving for professional growth that can mean additional taskings on top of everyday work taking actions to help you stand out among peers. Or maybe it’s the classes you’re pursuing to earn that degree or certification in helping you arrive […]