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Why It’s Better To Not Major In Minor Things

Why It’s Better To Not Major In Minor Things

Don’t major in minor things. It’s another one of a seemingly endless number of countrified cliches I have in my arsenal. One of those quips I’ll say to anyone. In other words, control what you can control. Don’t worry about the small stuff. Things have a way of working themselves out. Obsessing over aspects that are likely to yield minimal returns on investment are not worthy of excessive focus. Easier said than done right? Sure, we are all guilty of it. Often, I would imagine. Every day for many of us. Almost certainly for me. It is of course way too easy to get caught up in the inconsequential details of life. I’d like to elaborate on this, so let’s dive into why it’s better to not major in minor things.

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Don’t Major In Minor Things Defined

Is it a crime to walk into a meeting just as it is starting? No, but if you’re wired like me you want to be there a few minutes early out of respect and to get set up in whatever way needed. It legitimately gives me anxiety to walk in on time, and much worse so to be a few minutes late.

I’ve always been wired like that. If I commit to something, in this case defined meeting parameters on a specific time and day, then I am professionally obligated to do just that. My work days are truly defined by my virtual calendar.

Case in point, my office is three miles from City Hall. My boss and most of the city administration are at or near City Hall. Most of the time if I have a meeting with high level city employees, I make it a point to go to them. I never mind, I just view it as part of my obligation to them and the city itself.

Three miles is in no way a big deal, it’s literally a straight shot from my office to City Hall. There is a problem though, particularly an issue when you’re cutting it close to a meeting time. It’s the train that cuts right through town.

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Don’t Major In Minor Things….And Trains?

The train that rolls through Seguin, TX seems to know my schedule pretty well. It’s caught me quite a few times when I needed to get to City Hall or one of many other buildings on that side of town. That delay needed to happen a couple of times before I realized this was going to be something requiring mitigation.

No big deal, I just needed to take measures to ensure I wasn’t put in a situation to fail. Or one that will knowingly result in endless amounts of anxiety for yours truly.

I should interject here that occasionally I tell people I am at least some version of crazy. My accepted mindset and subsequent purposefully leveraged tactics to mitigate these potentially weird thoughts on my professional existence is a pretty solid example of why I admit to such things.

Mrs. Country Exec has to deal with the non-professional side of this. Truth is she is a slightly less anxiety burdened version of this same mindset. Thankfully she does not feel it the same way I do, but it’s there.

Don’t Major In Minor Things Mitigation

The answer to the seemingly endless train dilemma, turning a three-mile trip into twenty minutes, was obviously to just give myself enough time to make it to my destination. In theory I can get to City Hall from my office in less than ten minutes. If the train rolls through, it adds another ten minutes between the waiting and traffic backup.

Today I give myself twenty minutes to get to the other side of town, and I purposefully manage my schedule to ensure I have the time needed to get from point A to point B between scheduled events.

Simple right? It is for me, because I know myself and the anxiety that comes from not holding up my end of the bargain to the many aspects of my life. This minor proactive approach empowers me to not major in minor things. A life hack of sorts.

Don’t Major In Minor Things Honesty

Believe me when I say I wish that I was not wired in this way. I would like all these minor things in life to not eat at me, but it is one hundred percent accurate that they do. I care. A lot.

My word means something to me. I want people to know they can count on me when I commit to action. My showing respect to whoever I am engaged with in being where I say I will be on time is another manifestation of this.

Truthfully, I annoy myself being this way. I know what’s in my heart though, and I accept the annoyances inflicted upon myself that in turn allows me to live the life and be the person I am both inside and out. Purposefully I have structured my life in such a way that allows me to navigate these minor hurdles with ease. I had too.

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Don’t Major In Minor Things And Your Career

I believe this simplistic approach to handling my business has also led to success in life. I don’t major in minor things because I do my best to take care of them beforehand.

The result of this proactive approach is the appearance that I have it together. I don’t ask what others think of me, it doesn’t really matter in my eyes. I’m not certain I have a reputation, but if I do believe I believe it would be that I make things happen. Get after it, and get it done.

The main thing that does matter to me professionally is how accountable I am to my obligations and being receptive to all manners of communication. That narrative can be controlled, so I say lets the chips fall where they may.

So many folks struggle with the basics of their professional existence. Following through. Accountability. Staying true to the parameters surrounding a business transaction that they themselves defined.

Personally, it’s irritating as someone that deals with literally hundreds of different service providers in my day-to-day responsibilities. Admittedly I have high expectations for everyone. If you work for me, I expect your best. If my org is paying for your service, I expect whatever employee they put in front of me to be good at what they do.

Don’t Major In Minor Things Conclusion

You may be wondering how this approach to not major in minor things could benefit you. Really this is a story of knowing who you are as a person and managing your day-to-day responsibilities as not to inflict needless stress upon yourself.

If you’re spinning a lot of plates in life and are constantly pulled in different directions this could mean structuring your days with purpose as I have. Proactively managing stress essentially. Other methodologies may be managing distractions with intention.

Email is an excellent example of this. It is well known email is a professional detractor. Block off times to manage your inbox, and focus on productivity obligations outside of the identified timeframe to stay on track. Don’t get sucked into the email vortex and let it hinder your output.

Minor hurdles delay the inevitable and potentially makes your life more difficult than it needs to be. No thanks. Life is to short. Why add the stress if you can take measures to avoid it? You can with a little proactive thought and creativity. Your happiness is worth it. I say give it a shot! Until next time thank you for reading, and please take care of yourself and the ones you love.

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